"When we die, we will turn into songs, and we will hear each other and
remember each other."

Monday, January 11, 2010

I told you you'd miss me. . .

Dear Everyone,
I apologize for leaving you all hanging out there in the blogosphere. My bad for not posting for about nine months.
Here is a quick update on my life since we last spoke:
In April, I moved out of my parents house and down to Provo.
In May, I kept living in Provo and still liked it.
In June, I vacationed in my new favorite city - Seattle. It is seriously one of the coolest places I have ever been. I would love to settle in Seattle someday.
In July, I lit some fireworks and went on a blind date with a girl who was incredibly tall. It's sad, but that's all I remember from July. Oh yeah, my best buddy, BigCat (Jordan) came home from his mission in July. That was good for me.
In August, I turned 21 (finally) and moved into another apartment in Provo with said best buddy. I also began taking classes at UVU. I declared myself as a Communication major but didn't take any comm classes.
In September, I started liking Provo again. . . briefly.
In October, I had the honor of travelling to Denver with a coworker and some new friends to see one of my all-time favorite performers :Andrew McMahon (lead singer of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate). My friends and I won a contest where we got to go in early to the show and meet the star.
October held other great things for me. After my car broke down, preventing me from a trip to Idaho, I got roped into playing the keyboard in a band for the play "Little Shop of Horrors." It was a great experience and reminded me how much I love performing.
I also bought a new car in October. (apparently it was a big month)
In November, my dislike for Provo returned with a vengeance. I decided to throw in the towel and began searching for someone to buy my contract.
In December, I did my best to get through Christmas without beating anybody up. I decided this year to give the holidays a second chance. It really wasn't too bad. Some of the highlights include: helping the Burgeners decorate their Christmas tree, drinking sparkling cider, and playing Santa Clause at the Trayner family Christmas Eve party.
Now that it is January, I find myself in an entirely different place. I moved home temporarily and now I live on my own again. I am renting a room in a house with 5 guys in South Salt Lake (Millcreek). One of my roommates is a new friend from 2009 and I'm enjoying my time here. Rent is super cheap and I have my own room. The best part is that I don't live in Provo anymore.

So that's my update. I will try to blog more frequently in the coming months but I can't make any promises. My life just isn't that exciting.