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remember each other."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ode to February

February has always boggled my mind. It's probably the coolest month out there. It just does what it wants. It's noticably shorter than all the other months but is filled to the brim with awesomeness. The word "february" alone is evidence enough of its greatness. Just to make sure February stays cool, every once in a while it decides to have an extra day. I think we could all learn some valuable lessons from the month of February.
You likely didn't notice, but I haven't blogged since the first of February. Being that it is now the first of March, I think I will just touch on the highlights of my favorite month.
  • I was in training all month long for my new position at the bank. The training takes place at a big building out by the airport. This building just happens to be home to the best *cafeteria ever.
  • President's Day always happens in February. Question: Who doesn't love President's Day? Answer: Wells Fargo (we were the only bank open).
  • Valentine's Day is another holiday that calls February "home." This year all my friends that are around happened to be girls. They decided to have a "Anti-Valentine" Party (more accurately named "Party of Hate"). I'll admit, I was a little depressed that I was potentially going to have to spend the day alone. Instead of being pathetic, I took the high road. I spent the morning working with the missionaries. Then I took a break and Gavin DiFran and I went laser-tagging. After that, I went with some different missionaries to the temple open-house. It was a great Valentine's Day.
  • February 23rd was my half birthday. Since I am so much younger than everybody else in my class, I have always openly observed my half birthday.
  • The best part about February 2009 has got to be my NEW CAR!!!! I bought a 2008 Dodge Caliber. It's sexy silver with black trim. Inside it has tons of room (I can even sit all the way up and not touch the ceiling with my head). The coolest feature of my new car? Inside the glove box there are grooves where you put up to four beverages. The air-conditioning then kicks in and cools the beverages. That's right. There is a cooler in my glove box.

Ideally, all of this information would have been spread out over the last four weeks. But I'm lazy, and a procrastinator. So here it is.

*No weight was lost during the month of February.


Becky Green said...

I'm glad you made the best of February. I also enjoy February since it's my real birthday month. Back in the days of my public education, I got my birthday off quite regularly since it fell on President's Day a lot. But no, now that we're grown up, we have to face the torture of working on our birthdays and anniversaries. I hate it. I'm glad you got a new car and that it has cool features. Little things like an air-conditioned glove box can really make you feel completely special in an otherwise monotonous world. Yay for Kyle!

Landon and Kylie said...

You should have told us about your half birthday! We observe half birthdays, too. We could have had a party.

Brittany said...

new car what what!!

i love half birthdays too. hooray for summer birthdays!