"When we die, we will turn into songs, and we will hear each other and
remember each other."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

21 & Invincible

Since tomorrow is my birthday, I wanted to make a quick list of what I did while I was 21.

  1. I camped in Circleville with some wonderful people who know what is important in life.
  2. I drove to Denver with strangers and drove home with new family.
  3. I met one of my musical influences - Andrew McMahon.
  4. I witnessed a meeting of the gods when Elton John and Billy Joel joined forces in SL, UT.
  5. I played keyboard for two musicals.
  6. I bought a brand new car.
  7. I came out of the closet.
  8. I saw a billion movies.
  9. I rediscovered my love of books.
  10. I moved three times.
  11. I played on a softball team.
  12. I saw the Backstreet Boys perform.
  13. I saw Ben Folds perform (with the Utah Symphony).
  14. I ate brie and triscuits.
  15. I got a tattoo.
  16. I danced on two pianos simultaneously.
  17. I toasted my brother at a night in his honor.
  18. I went on a business trip.
  19. I shot a big-ass gun.
  20. I danced a lot.
  21. I fell in love.


Jen said...

That sounds like a rad 21. I found out my mother in law knows you...works with you maybe? I forget. She asked me about you. I told I don't really know you anymore but you used to be a real hoot and that your probably at least as rad as you once were.

Megan said...

Do you see this? This is a comment (something my blog never gets). Also, New Kids on the Block are WAY cooler than the Backstreet Boys! :) Did you really just barely turn 21? I didn't realize you were that much younger than me.

Amanda Jo said...

Isn't brie the best?! NSync is way better than new kids and backstreet boys! JC is still the hotest of all of them! Unless I'm jamming to SexyBack. :)