"When we die, we will turn into songs, and we will hear each other and
remember each other."

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Year in Review

I realize that this post is pretty vague and not entirely entertaining. The thing of it is, though, that I don't really care. This year was pretty much the best year of my life. It was the kind of year where I could literally feel myself growing (both physically and emotionally.) While not free of tragedy, there is nothing about 2010 that I would change.

Here's the low-down of what happened in 2010:

  • New Year's Day - Told brothers that I'm gay.
  • Moved in with my new best buddy, Richie.
  • January 31st - Threw a sweet substitute party in lieu of my brother's wedding. I'm the best best-man there ever was at a wedding that didn't happen.
  • Valentine's Day - Told my parents that I'm gay, received Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits album.
  • My little sister turned twelve.
  • I went on a road trip to Disneyland/Something Corporate with my buds Richie and Melissa.
  • First hangover?
  • First experience at the Pride festival, see previous blog.
  • Solo road trip to Wyoming/Idaho.
  • 4th of July: first time introducing a boy to my parents and grandma. Quote from grandma - "Your friend is nice."
  • Turned 22.
  • Grandpa Wood passed away. He had a huge impact on the lives of many, all for the better.
  • Started new position at the bank. Love it.
  • Worked hard.
  • Worked harder.
  • Reprised my role as "Santa Clause" at a friend's family Christmas Eve party, still hated Christmas.
2011 will be just as good, if not better.


Molly said...

I can't believe the Back Street boys didn't make the cut!

Kate said...

1. The night at the Piano Bar should be in November because it was one of the greatest nights!
2. Andy and I should definitely be under "The People I Love"...
3. Start 2011 off by coming out to Elko and celebrating it with your favorite cousins!