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remember each other."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kyle Wants To Pump You Up

Well. . . I finally did it. I joined a gym. Not just any gym... THE gym. That's right. I am now a member at Gold's Gym. The largest gym chain in the country (with over 600 locations world-wide).
My dear cousins (Chris and Mandy) talked me into coming with them. So I went to take a tour and have a little workout. They wanted to charge me $10 just to look around. So I just cut to the chase and talked to them about joining.
About ten minutes later I was a real member. I have my own key-chain pass thing and a sweet payment plan. After four "easy" payments of $175 dollars I will be a full-fledged muscle-man (for up to three years).
I couldn't believe how big this commitment was. I feel like I just took a big step.
So now my goal is to hit the gym at least three times a week.
Look out, ladies.

PS- If anybody has a Gold's pass and needs a workout buddy, I'm pretty low-key and would love to go with anyone.


Chris Ludlow said...

Kyle kicked butt at the gym! I'm so glad that you got a pass.

Williams Family said...

You got sucked in too? So did Cedric and I. Ask me how many times I've been. And I'm a VIP! Hopefully you do better than I have.

Williams Family said...

P.S. - Can you please make your font bigger - it's hurting my eyes!!

abby said...

I'm glad I found your blog!!! Between seeing you at Cafe Rio and reading about you on your blog--I feel that we are officially family!

Becky Green said...

We paid our taxes to King Golds for two years, and only reaped the benefits for maybe 4 weeks :) I hope you have better success.

Katrina said...

Good Job Kyle!!! sound like you guys are going a lot.. Chris said you were going again tonight!! Keep it up!