"When we die, we will turn into songs, and we will hear each other and
remember each other."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What I Like About You: Cousin Edition

I always love a good round of "What I Like About You"
We have been planning a cousin night for about a month now and yesterday was the big day. We all met at Italian Village for dinner. Everybody loves a good pizza bender (Joe loves two of them). Then we moved the party to Amanda's condo. We watched "The Emperor's New Groove" and ate some delicious air-pop popcorn (caramel flavor). Then we busted out the ice cream and the toppings. I discovered the great taste of putting fruity pebbles on vanilla ice cream.
The real fun started when we all just sat in a big circle in the dark and chatted it up. Chris and I (the more politically-minded of the cousins) tried very hard to not slip into a debate, but it was a struggle. We all sat there for a good hour and a half just swapping scary stories and laughing at each other. I always love a good round of "What I Like About You".
I realized last night how great my cousins really are. We are all so chill. We have been spending a lot more time with each other as we have all grown older. I love it. I am so happy it is happening like this. Usually people lose touch with their cousins as people start getting married and having careers, but that is not the case with us.
We are now planning on having a cousin night once a month, and on top of that we will be watching "The Office" every Thursday night. I am so excited.
I am also starting a completely separate blog devoted to "What I Like About You." Look for links on my page.
I love you all.

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