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remember each other."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Please, Mr. Postman

It has recently occurred to me that most of my friends currently serving missions are entering the final phase of their two years. This can be a tough time for most missionaries (or at least that's what I hear.) A lot of missionaries start to feel like their loved ones have either forgotten about them or have just moved on. There is a lot of uncertainty concerning who will be around when the missionary gets home. It makes me sad to think that my buds in the field might be experiencing these feelings.
For this reason, I am calling on anyone and everyone who knows a missionary in the field. It's time to write that missionary. Let them know that you haven't forgotten about them. I'm sure everybody who reads this can think of at least one person who might enjoy a letter from them. If you are having trouble thinking of a missionary to write, I would be happy to remind you of a couple.
You might find yourself making excuses, such as "We weren't really close friends" or "I have nothing interesting to say". However, I have witnessed the miraculous change that can be brought about when a missionary sees something in his mailbox.
It's not even hard to write to missionaries anymore. Just use dearelder.com.
I trust you'll do the "write" thing.


Becky Green said...

Do you know how to contact Todd Gomez?

Cammi, Ricky & Logan said...

I wrote 2! Thanks kyle andrew.

We were thinking about dinner on thursday. wanna? call me cause my phone broke and your number was saved on the phone instead of the sim... so its gone. I tried to find it the other day to tell you a funny story that only you would appreciate... and it wasn't there. pooey. sorry! text me or something so i can have your number again.