"When we die, we will turn into songs, and we will hear each other and
remember each other."

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SoCo in SoCal

Alright ya'll. I'm going to attempt to add photos to a blog post. This is huge for me.

Last weekend, I went on an epic road trip with two of my dearest friends (who just happen to me brother and sister). Melissa, my c
oworker, and Richard, my roommate, accompanied me on the best road trip ever. Our final destination was the Bamboozle Festival at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, featuring Story of the Year, Orianthe, and most importantly - Something Corporate. My friends and I are starting to make a habit out of travelling to see any concert involving Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate's frontman).
I will now walk you through our trip.
Day 0ne:
We started our drive. My new car did a great job. We met up with Richard's coworker and her husband (who I went to high school with) in Scipio and caravaned with walkie-talkies the rest of the way to Vegas. Alissa was kind enough to let us stay at her parents house in LV. Her dad entertained us with some brilliant piano playing and singing.
That night, we wandered the strip aimlessly and ended up buying discount tickets to see the Blue Man Group. This show is amazing. Period. During our time on the strip, we made sure to catch a Bellagio water show. The song they played was "Singin' in the Rain." For whatever reason, it made me really emotional. I remember thinking that if the song went on any longer I might have shed a solitary tear.
Day Two:
The next day was Friday. We hit the road early so we could soak up as much of the California sun as possible. We drove straight to Newport beach. Melissa and Richard set up a blanket and played frisbee for a bit while I walked up and down the shops at Newport. I bought a t-shirt, a shot glass, flip-flops and a towel. You know, beach essentials. Unfortunately, none of us planned to bring our camera to the beach so we don't have any pictures. My favorite part about the beach was walking by myself into the water fully clothed and letting the waves hit me. It was an incredible experience. I only regretted it a little bit when I couldn't wear those clothes again for the rest of the trip.

Friday night we just played in our hotel room. Other pictures were taken involving make-up that I will not be posting. If you are curious enough, check facebook. I was mercilessly tagged in all of them.

Day Three:
Saturday was the day we had all been waiting for. We woke up early, enjoyed our continental breakfast, then hit the streets on our way to DISNEYLAND!!!
We were masters of the fast pass and had knocked many of the classic rides off of our list by the time the crowds arrived. It was enjoyable, of course. Unfortunately, my lame, old-man-ness made me get a little bit sick. I endured as long as I could, long enough to ride the Tower of Terror. Then we decided to call it a day.

Day Four: Sunday was the day of the Bamboozle festival. Late Saturday night, we were joined in our hotel room by a couple of friends or Richard. The next morning, we all woke up and showered. Then we checked out of the hotel room and went to a park to hang out. I stopped at Target and purchased a book to read. "The Cather in the Rye" is the book I bought and I immediately fell in love with it. I lounged on the blanket with my cheez-its, ipod, blackberry, and book and was undisturbed for a good portion of the time.
Since I only went to the festival to see Something Corporate, I spent most of the time there reading my new book. I was definitely the only person at this punk-rock festival rockin' it with a classic novel. Something Corporate performed and is was incredible. Then we hit the road for our thru-the-night drive home. We got back to SLC at 9 the next morning.
The trip was exhausting but we did SO much. I had a wonderful time and am grateful for such great, adventurous friends. This is the sort of thing people my age are supposed to do. I liked it.


Holls said...

So much fun!! I'm glad to see that you can enjoy a great books like Cather in the rye... it is a great book!!

Chelsea said...

I'm saddened that Seattle is no longer your favorite road trip of all time. Did I tell you I'm going there in a couple weeks to check out a grad school program. My offer still stands to move there together next year.