"When we die, we will turn into songs, and we will hear each other and
remember each other."

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ten Things I Couldn't Live Without

I apologize in advance. . . I was ambitious with the font size on this one. . . Still haven't mastered this website. . .
Okay, I admit it. . . . I stole this idea from the blog that I stalk the most (thank you Mrs. Jones).
Since, I suck at blogging of my own accord, I thought it wise to borrow someone else's idea. . . So here it is. . . My detailed list of the Top Ten Things I couldn't live without in no particular order:

1. Independence. . . not in a Glenn-Beck-creepy-patriotic way (don't get me wrong, I love America). . . but the independence to which I refer is on a much more personal level. I have finally reached a point in my life where I can say that I am completely independent.

1. Music. . . Without it, my heart has no beat.

1. Family. . . My new-found independence has helped me realize that my family is incredible! I have recently dropped some bombshells on my dear parents. Fortunately, their soft hearts have muffled any explosions.

1. Sandstone. . . Random addition to the list? I don't think so. . . Without sandstone, there would be no Zion National Park. . . without ZNP, there would be no holiday from real :)

1. Bowling. . . There are few games involving balls at which I excel. . . bowling is a part of this elite club.

1. The Beatles. . . Since the release of The Beatles Rock Band, I have taken my respect for the Fab Four to a new level. . . I could try to explain further, but you wouldn't understand.

1. Billy Joel and Elton John. . . My first memory of music that wasn't country goes like this. . . On several occasions, I would ride in the back seat of my dad's old chevy pick-up. (It had wooden drink holders, and a sticky spot on the passenger seat where he spilled a Dr. Pepper.) My dad had a Billy Joel cassette. The album was "the River of Dreams." Track number 9 ends with an inspiring rapid drum-fire. My dad would always make sure to halt whatever conversation was going on just in time to turn the radio up so we could feel the drum solo. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Billy Joel/Elton John concert. . . It changed my life, but not how you think it would. Billy didn't play the song that I remember most, but being there made me go back to that truck to salvage the memory. I have since purchased the CD of that album and I refuse to allow conversation for the last 30 seconds of track #9.

1. My feet. . . I've had to be quick on them a lot lately.

1. Brothers. . . a.k.a. best friends.

1. Minds (both open and closed). . . You can learn a lot about somebody by throwing something big at their head and waiting to see if the thing you threw is welcomed into their brain, or if it just bounces off a closed door.


Chelsea said...

I too have a proufound love for Billy Joel/Elton John. More for Billy though...

Also, bowling is my favorite non-sport.

Jen said...

I love Beatles Rock Band also...it makes my soul soar. You are one rad kid. Always have been. Always will be.