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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boy's First Baby Shower

Today, I made history.
I work with a lot of cool people. For example, my Service Manager, Darci, is probably the best "boss" anyone could wish for. She is just amazing. She is also pregnant. . . very pregnant.
Since my coworkers and I love Darci so much, we decided to throw her a Baby Shower. I know what you're thinking: Baby showers are not for boys. But do you know what I say to that? This is the new millenium.
So my fellow Lead Tellers and I set to work planning a Co-Ed Baby Celebration (we weren't allowed to call it a shower since that would repel the not-so-forward-thinking guys at work). I actually contributed quite a bit to the plans. This was surprising since I have never been to a baby shower. I did most of the shopping for food and supplies. I made the invitations. I even swept the porch of Katey's apartment so we could hold the event there. However, my greatest contribution was the activity. . .
I bought a bunch of onesies and baby t-shirts, and some fabric paint. Each guest at the celebration got to decorate a onesie for the baby. Some chose to put funny sayings such as "I'm not chubby, I'm 'phat'" and "Let's face it, it's time to call Grandma." Others decorated with smiley faces, and stars. Then there were the more original creations (all created by males): Jason turned his onesie into a cow. The bottom piece was painted red so when you unsnap it, it looks like the cows tongue. Joe put a "T-Stamp" on his. (A T-stamp is a special stamp we have to put on high transactions). I chose to make mine something that would remind Darci of me every time she saw it. I drew a french flag and wrote "oui oui" under it.
We also played candy bar memory and opened presents.
I was told repeatedly that it was one of the best baby showers the guests had been to. I am now considering "Baby Shower Coordinator" as a possible career move.
If any of you are pregnant, or know somebody who is, I would love to share my expertise throughout the shower planning process.


Williams Family said...

Seeing how my my has expressly informed me that she is NOT throwing me a baby shower for baby boy no. 2, I think you should get with Molly & Chel and get it crackin!! I accept any handouts with open arms. I'll even help with the food.

Landon and Kylie said...

Haha, Landon totally gave you that idea! He'll be so excited.

Marye said...

Ha ha! I'm not even surprised you did a fabulous job!