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Monday, October 6, 2008

Faith in the Midvale Emergency Response Team

As most of you know, this past weekend was General Conference. Thousands of skirts and slacks were spotted all over the valley. By Saturday night, the skirts were excused and the slacks gathered in Stake Centers to watch the General Priesthood Session.
This year, I attended the Priesthood Session at my friend, Landon's Stake Center. The Conference was going as usual. There were no surprises in the speakers' comments encouraging the respect of women, and avoiding pornography. I confess, I was starting to doze off.
While my head was nodding, I heard a strange breath from two rows in front of us. I looked up so see a man get very tense while turning to the man next to him with a look of terror in his eyes. He was having a seizure.
The commotion drew the attention of nearly all the Priesthood holders in the room and a small group helped the man without saying a word. I was amazed at the way they seemed to move together, almost like they were responding after years of drills. They helped him to the floor and continued to aid the man.
Many of the spectators were reaching for their phones when we all saw that one man already had his up to his ear. We all knew that the paramedics had been called.
They say that time moves slower at a time of crisis. I am not sure if that is what happened in that church. At one point, Landon turned to me and pointed out that the paramedics were taking a really long time.
Eventually, a lone paramedic woman strolled in carrying some equipment. She was followed by one or two of her colleagues.
I found the whole situation somewhat surreal. It is interesting to see the contrast in the response of the "normal" guys seated around the victim and the delayed response of the paramedics.
Granted, nobody knows if there was a more pressing emergency somewhere else.
Conference was generally a faith-promoting experience. However, this time around, I lost a little faith in the emergency response system in this community.

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